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Savitreea Sakpuntoon, Angchuan, Boonmak, Khunnamw., N. Jacques, Grondin, Casareg. & Srisuk

Citation when using this entry: Linn et al., in prep – Fungalpedia, genera described in the order Saccharomycetales Mycosphere.

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Savitreea was introduced with S. pentosicarens as the type species using morphology, ecological evidence, and phylogenetic analysis of ITS, LSU, tef, and rpb2 data (Sakpuntoonm et al. 2020). A polyphasic approach is recommended as using only morphological characters for yeast identification can lead to misidentification due to similar morphological characters (Lücking et al. 2020). Savitreea pentosicarens was isolated from a grease sample in Thailand and as an isolate from the ‘Montagne des Singes’ path in French Guiana (Jacques et al. 2019Sakpuntoonm et al. 2020). Savitreea is classified in the family Saccharomycetaceae (Saccharomycetales, Saccharomycetes) (Sakpuntoonm et al. 2020). Savitreea has pseudohyphae, ellipsoid cells, and asexual reproduction by multilateral budding (Sakpuntoonm et al. 2020). Colonies are white to cream, convex and butyrous, with a dull surface and undulated margins (Sakpuntoonm et al. 2020). Ascospores and starch-like compounds are not formed. Acid production is positive but the Diazonium Blaue B (DBB) test and urease hydrolysis tests are negative (Sakpuntoonm et al. 2020). There is only one species listed under this genus in Index Fungorum (2023).

Type species: Savitreea pentosicarens Sakpuntoon, Angchuan, Boonmak, Khunnamw., N. Jacques, Grondin, Casareg. & Srisuk


Figure 1 – Morphology of Savitreea pentosicarens (DMKU-GTCP10-8, holotype). a Colonies on YM for 3 days at 25℃. b Budding cells in YM broth after incubation at 25°C for 3 days. c Pseudohyphae formed on PDA at 25°C for 3 days (redrawn from Sakpuntoon et al. 2020). Scale bars: b, c = 10 μm.



Jacques N, Casaregola S. 2019 – Large biodiversity of yeasts in French Guiana and the description of Suhomyces coccinellae sp. nov. and Suhomyces faveliae sp. nov. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology. 6916341649.

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Sakpuntoon V, Angchuan J, Boonmak C, Khunnamwong P et al. 2020 – Savitreea pentosicarens gen. nov., sp. nov., a yeast species in the family Saccharomycetaceae isolated from a grease trap. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology. 7056655670.


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