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Striadiporites Varma & Rawat.

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Index Fungorum, Facesoffungi, MycoBankGenBank, Fig. 1            

Classification: Fossil Fungi, incertae sedis.

The monotypic fossil genus, Striadiporites, was described by Varma & Rawat (1963) from the Late Oligocene-Early Miocene (28–18 mya) sediments of western and eastern India, including oil exploration areas in West Bengal and Assam. Varma & Rawat (1963) give the following short diagnosis “Diporate grains with striated exine”. Elsik & Jansonius (1974) published an elaborate generic diagnosis to include fungal spores of oval to fusiform ambitus with longitudinal ribbed to broadly reticulate ornament. Two pores, one at each end of the spore, are present along the long axis. Unicellate with no septa, except occasionally, a very thin membrane across the inner edge of the apertures.

Heterotypic synonym: Stridiporosporites Ke & Shi 1978 fide Kalgutkar & Jansonius 2000.

Type Species: Striadiporites reticulatus Varma & Rawat 1963.



Figure 1 Striadiporites reticulatusScale bar = 20 μm. Redrawn from Varma & Rawat (1963).



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