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Sinotrichium Juan Wang, S.Q. Xu & Strongman

Citation if using this entry: Fallahi et al. (2023) New genera in 2010-2011. Mycosphere (in press)

Index Fungorum, Facesoffungi, MycoBank, GenBank, Fig 1. 

Sinotrichium was erected by Wang et al. (2010) as a new gut fungus within the order Harpellales and the family Legeriomycetaceae (Kickxellomycotina). The genus is typified by Sinotrichium chironomidarum J. Wang, S.Q. Xu & Strongman, and was isolated from the guts of aquatic chironomid larvae from a stream in the Tianshan Mountains in northwestern China. Sinotrichium is characterized by dense, regularly branched thallus, long cylindrical trichospores which have a collar and one long appendage at the base, and zygospores with a collar and numerous coarse appendages that are biconical and affixed obliquely to the zygosporophores. This combination of traits is sufficiently different to warrant erecting a new genus Sinotrichium (Wang et al. 2010).

Type species: Sinotrichium chironomidarum Juan Wang, S.Q. Xu & Strongman 

Fig 1Sinotrichium chironomidarum (redrawn from Wang et al. 2010). a Thalli with conjugating hyphae. b-c Released zygospore with multiple appendages. d Released trichospore. Scale bars: a-d= 20 µm 



Wang J, Xu SQ, Strongman DB. 2010- Two new Harpellales inhabiting the digestive tracts of midge larvae and other trichomycetes from Tianshan Mountains, China. Mycologia 102, 135-141.


Entry by:

Maryam Fallahi, Center of Excellence in Fungal Research, Mae Fah Luang
University, Chiang Rai 57100, Thailand.


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