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Paraxerula R.H. Petersen

Citation if using this entry: Fallahi et al. (in prep) New genera in 2010-2011. Mycosphere.

Index FungorumFacesoffungi; MycoBankGenBank, Fig 1 

Paraxerula was circumscribed by Petersen & Hughes (2010) in the Physalacriaceae to replace Xerula section Hyalosetae. The genus accommodated Paraxerula caussei, Paraxerula hongoi, and the type species Paraxerula americana. Later, Paraxerula ellipsospora, isolated from southwestern China, was introduced in Paraxerula using both morphological observation and phylogenetic analysis based on nrLSU and ITS sequence data (Qin et al. 2014). The genus members are associated with the saprobic decay of deciduous trees. Paraxerula ellipsospora is only found in Pinus densata and Pinus armandii forests. While Paraxerula americana is usually related to Populus spp. Paraxerula hongoi was reported from Abies and Rhododendron, or mixed hard-woods. Paraxerula caussei is usually found in Fagus sylvatica forests. Paraxerula ellipsospora is distinguished from Paraxerula americana, Paraxerula caussei, and Paraxerula hongoi by the color of its basidioma, which is brownish-grey to greyish. The genus is characterized by a collybioid and dry pileus; having a fertile, lamellar edge; presenting white to whitish, and flexuous hairs (pileosetae); and smooth basidiospores (Qin et al. 2014).



Fig 1- Paraxerula ellipsospora (redrawn from Qin et al. 2014). a Basidiomata. b Hymenium c Basidiospores (holotype). d Stipipellis. e Radial-vertical section of pileipellis. f Pileosetae (hairs on pileus). Scale bars: a = 1cm; b = 20 µm; c = 10 µm; d-f = 40 µm.

Type species: Paraxerula americana (Dörfelt) R.H. Petersen 

Other accepted species: 

Paraxerula caussei (Maire) R.H. Petersen 

Paraxerula ellipsospora Zhu L. Yang & J. Qin 

Paraxerula hongoi (Dörfelt) R.H. Petersen



Petersen RH, Hughes KW (2010). The Xerula/Oudemansiella Complex (Agaricales). Nova Hedwigia. Vol. 137. Stuttgart, Germany: J. Cramer. pp. 299-308.

Qin J, Hao YJ, Yang ZL, Li YC. 2014. Paraxerula ellipsospora, a new Asian species of Physalacriaceae. Mycological progress 13,639-47. 


Entry by

Maryam Fallahi, Center of Excellence in Fungal Research, Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai 57100, Thailand. 


(Edited by Kevin D Hyde)