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Aquaperonospora W.H. Ko


Citation if using this entry: Fahalli et al. (2023) New genera in 2010-2011. Mycosphere (in press)

Index Fungorum Identifier 39014, Facesoffungi, MycoBank, GenBank, Fig 1

Aquaperonospora was introduced as a monotypic genus within Peronophythoraceae, Peronosporales (Ko et al. 2010). The type species Aquaperonospora taiwanensis was found in an irrigation ditch with leaf discs in Taiwan (Ko et al. 2010). The validity of the establishment of Aquaperonospora as a new genus was supported by the low sequence similarities in the ITS and 28S rDNA sequences between Aquaperonospora taiwanensis and representative species of other genera in the Peronosporales. Aquaperonospora taiwanensis is a fast-growing organism that exhibits Peronosporaceae and Pythiaceae characteristics. The species is homothallic and produced abundant oospores. It produces rigid and erect sporangiophores with dichotomous branches, and lemon-shaped sporangia formed synchronously on the terminal branchlets of sporangiophores (Ko et al. 2010).




Fig 1 – Aquaperonospora taiwanensis (Redrawn from Ko et al. 2010). a Sporangiophore of Aquaperonospora taiwanensis. b, c Sporangiophore proliferating externally (b) and internally (c). d Sex organs of Aquaperonospora taiwanensis. Scale bars: a=50 μm, b-c= 40 μm, d=10 μm (d)


Type species: Aquaperonospora taiwanensis W.H. Ko



Ko WH, Lin M J, Hu CY, Ann PJ. 2010 –Aquaperonospora taiwanensis gen. et sp. nov. in Peronophythoraceae of Peronosporales. Botanical Studies 51, 343-350.


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Maryam Fallahi, Center of Excellence in Fungal Research, Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai 57100, Thailand.


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