Fungalpedia – Note 115 Alveariospora


Alveariospora Meir. Silva, R.F. Castañeda, O.L. Pereira & R.W. Barreto

Citation: Madagammana et al., in prep – Fungalpedia, genera described in 2012. Mycosphere.

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Alveariospora was introduced by Silva et al. (2012) with A. distoseptata as the type species. Alveariospora is an asexual genus that is listed under Ascomycota genera incertae sedis (Wijayawardene et al. 2022). This genus was introduced using only morphology. Therefore, new isolates and sequence data are required to confirm the phylogenetic position of this genus. Alveariospora is characterized by single, unbranched, septate, brown, or olivaceous conidiophores, muriform, dictyosporous, distoseptate, verruculose conidia from large, thickened, dark washer-like conidiogenous loci (Silva et al. 2012). Morphologically, Alveariospora is similar to Briansuttonia, Dictyospiropes, and Veracruzomyces (Silva et al. 2012)However, Briansuttonia differs from Alveariospora by having monotretic, terminal, determinate, or indeterminate cells that are enteroblastic, percurrent conidiogenous cells (Silva et al. 2012). In contrast to Alveariospora, Dictyospiropes has polyblastic, sympodial conidiogenous cells with strongly cicatrized conidiogenautoous loci lacking percurrent extensions and euseptate-dictyoseptate conidia without strongly thickened and melanized basal hila (Silva et al. 2012). Veracruzomyces also differs from Alveariospora by having monoblastic, percurrently proliferating conidiogenous cells (Silva et al. 2012). Currently, there is only one species listed in Index Fungorum (2023), collected on the trichomes of leaflets of Dimorphandra mollis from Brazil (Silva et al. 2012).

Type species: Alveariospora distoseptata Meir. Silva, R.F. Castañeda, O.L. Pereira & R.W. Barreto



Figure 1 – Alveariospora distoseptata (VIC 31399, holotype). a Macronematous conidiophore with polyblastic conidiogenous cells. b Conidiogenous cells. c Initial conidial formation. d Initial conidial septation. e, f Conidia. Scale bars: a-d = 10 μm, e = 20 μm, f = 10 μm. Redrawn from Silva et al. (2012).



Silva MD, Castañeda-Ruíz RF, Pereira OL, Barreto RW. 2012  Alveariospora, a new anamorphic genus from trichomes of Dimorphandra mollis in Brazil. Mycotaxon. 119, 109 –16.

Wijayawardene NN, Hyde KD, Dai DQ, Sánchez-García M et al. 2022 – Outline of Fungi and fungus-like taxa – 2021. Mycosphere 13, 53–453.


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Ashani D. Madagammana, Center of Excellence in Fungal Research, School of Science, Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai 57100, Thailand


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