Fungalpedia – Note 246, Pseudomalbranchea


Pseudomalbranchea Rodr.-Andr., Cano & Stchigel 

Citation when using this entry: Thakshila et al. 2024 (in prep) – Fungalpedia, Onygenales, Eurotiales, and Verrucariales

Index FungorumFacesoffungiMycoBankGenBank, Fig. 1.

Classification: Incertae sedis, Onygenales, Eurotiomycetidae, Eurotiomycetes, Fungi

The monotypic genus, Pseudomalbranchea was introduced by Rodríguez-Andrade (2021). This genus was typified by P. gemmata, which was isolated from human bronchial washing specimens in Florida, USA. Only an asexual state has been reported. Pseudomalbranchea has smooth, thin-walled, hyaline, and sparsely septate hyphae. Enteroarthric conidia are released from the fertile hyphae by rhexolysis and are solitary or in short chains (up to 7), one-celled, hyaline, smooth, thick-walled, and cylindrical to globose (Rodríguez-Andrade, 2021). Based on phylogenetic analyses of the ITS and LSU sequences, P. gemmate is closely related to Uncinocarpus reesii and Amauroascus volatilis-patellis. However, P. gemmate is morphologically distinct from U. reesii and A. volatilis-patellis by having longer arthroconidia and P. gemmate lacks appendages in its asexual morph compared to U. reesii and A. volatilis-patellis (Rodríguez-Andrade 2021).

Type species: Pseudomalbranchea gemmata Rodr.-Andr., Cano & Stchigel

Figure 1 – Pseudomalbranchea gemmata (CBS 146933-ex-type culture). a, b. Arthroconidia disposed singly or in chains along the fertile hyphae. Scale bar a, b = 10 μm. Redrawn from Rodríguez-Andrade (2021).




Rodríguez-Andrade E, Cano-Lira JF, Wiederhold N, Pérez-Cantero A, et al. 2021 – A revision of malbranchea-like fungi from clinical specimens in the United States of America reveals unexpected novelty. IMA fungus, 12(1), 25. 


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Subasingha A. D. Thakshila, Center of Excellence in Fungal Research, School of Science, Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai 57100, Thailand


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