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Pandanaceomyces Tibpromma & K.D. Hyde

Citation when using this entryBhunjun et al., in prep  Fungalpedia, genera and higher taxa in 2018. Mycosphere.

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Tibpromma & Hyde (2018) introduced the monotypic genus Pandanaceomyces with the type species Pandanaceomyces krabiensis within Nectriaceae, Hypocreales in Hypocreomycetidae based on phylogenies of ITS, LSU, SSU and tef sequences using maximum parsimony and maximum likelihood analysis. Pandanaceomyces krabiensis was collected from dead leaves of Pandanus sp. from Thailand. Pandanaceomyces has bright-colored, soft-textured, superficial, uniloculate ascomata, and unitunicate asci with an apical ring. The ascospores are fusiform, curved towards both ends, 1-septate and hyaline to subhyaline. Pandanaceomyces krabiensis is the only species listed under the genus in Index Fungorum (2023).

Type species: Pandanaceomyces krabiensis Tibpromma & K.D. Hyde




Figure 1 – Pandanaceomyces pandanicola (MFLU 16-1909, holotype). a Ascoma. b, c Asci. d-f Ascospores. Scale bars: a = 50 μm, b, c = 10 μm, d-f = 5 μm, redrawn from Tibpromma et al. (2018)



Tibpromma S, Hyde KD, McKenzie EH, Bhat DJ et al. 2018 – Fungal diversity notes 840–928: micro-fungi associated with Pandanaceae. Fungal Diversity 93, 1–60.


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Tun ZL, Center of Excellence in Fungal Research, Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai, Thailand.


(Edited by Chitrabhanu S. Bhunjun & Kevin D. Hyde)