Fungalpedia – Note 218, Diversimediispora


Diversimediispora F. Liu, L. Cai & Crous.

Citation when using this entry: Li et al. 2024 (in prep) – Fungalpedia, Xylariomycetidae. 

Index Fungorum, Facesoffungi, MycoBank, GenBank, Fig. 1

Classification: Sporocadaceae, Amphisphaeriales, Xylariomycetidae, Sordariomycetes, Pezizomycotina, Ascomycota, Fungi.

Diversimediispora was established by Liu et al. (2019), based on morphology and phylogenetic analyses of combined LSU, ITS, tub2, tef1-α, and rpb2 sequence data. The type species D. humicola was isolated from soil in the USA. Diversimediispora has discrete cylindrical or ampulliform, colorless, smooth conidiogenous cells. The conidia were fusoid euseptate with basal obconic cells, trapezoid doliiform median cells, and conic apical cell-bearing thin-walled, colorless appendages. Diversimediispora produces conidia with versicolourous median cells, where the second and third cells (from the apex) are darker, distinguishing it from other genera in Sporocadaceae. No additional species have been introduced since the establishment of Diversimediispora in Species Fungorum (2024). 

Type species: Diversimediispora humicola F. Liu, L. Cai & Crous



Figure 1 Diversimediispora humicola (Holotype CBS 302.86). a Conidiophores. b–e Conidia (arrows point to the verruculose wall of the first median cell from the basal cell). Scale bars: a–e = 10 μm. Redrawn from Liu et al. (2019).



Liu F, Bonthond G, Groenewald JZ, Cai L et al. 2019 – Sporocadaceae, a family of coelomycetous fungi with appendage-bearing conidia. Studies in Mycology 92, 287–415. 


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Yanxia Li and Mingkwan Doilom, Innovative Institute for Plant Health/Key Laboratory of Green Prevention and Control on Fruits and Vegetables in South China, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering, Guangzhou 510225, China.


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