Fungalpedia – Note 293, Basiseptospora


Basiseptospora Jaklitsch & Voglmayr

Citation when using this entry: Perera et al. 2024 (in prep) – Fungalpedia, genera described in 2016. 

Index Fungorum, Facesoffungi, MycoBank, GenBank, Fig. 1 

Classification: Incertae sedis, Xylariales, Xylariomycetidae, Sordariomycetes, Pezizomycotina, Ascomycota, Fungi

Jaklitsch et al. (2016) introduced the monotypic genus Basiseptospora to accommodate a taxon that has been previously identified as Pseudomassaria fallax by Jaklitsch & Voglmayr (2012). Basiseptospora differs from Pseudomassaria mainly by its pallid peridium (Jaklitsch et al. 2016). Based on the analysis of ITS-LSU sequence data Basiseptospora was placed in Xylariales Incertae sedis (Jaklitsch et al. 2016). Basiseptospora is associated with dead twigs of Cornus sanguinea (Jaklitsch et al. 2016). The genus is characterized by small, perithecial ascomata that embedded in host bark below the pallid to brownish patches. They are scattered, hyaline to yellowish and depressed globose. Peridium consists of thin-walled, (sub-)hyaline pseudoparenchymatous cells. The outermost peridial cell layer is becoming brownish with age. Apically free, septate paraphyses are embedded in a gel. Basiseptospora has 8-spored, fusoid to clavate asci with an amyloid ring in the apex. Fresh asci are unstable. Ascospores are straight or slightly curved, distinctly apiosporous with a small lower cell and surrounded by a gelatinous sheath that swells in 3% KOH. The asexual morph is undetermined (Jaklitsch et al. 2016).

Type species: Basiseptospora fallax (Petr.) Jaklitsch & Voglmayr

Other accepted species: This genus is monotypic.

Figure 1 – Basiseptospora fallax (a, c, d: WU 31326, epitype; b: WU 31327). a Habit in bark. b Asci. c Ascus apex containing amyloid ring d Ascospores in 3% KOH showing swelling sheath. Scale bars: a = 200 μm, b = 10 μm, c, d = 5 μm. Redrawn from Jaklitsch et al. (2012).


Jaklitsch WM, Voglmayr H. 2012 – Phylogenetic relationships of five genera of Xylariales and Rosasphaeria gen. nov. (Hypocreales). Fungal Diversity 52, 75–98.

Jaklitsch WM, Gardiennet A, Voglmayr H. 2016 – Resolution of morphology-based taxonomic delusions: Acrocordiella, Basiseptospora, Blogiascospora, Clypeosphaeria, Hymenopleella, Lepteutypa, Pseudapiospora, Requienella, Seiridium and Strickeria. Persoonia 37, 82–105.

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Rekhani Hansika Perera, Center of Excellence in Fungal Research, Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai, 57100, Thailand.


(Edited by Kevin D. Hyde, Samaneh Chaharmiri-Dokhaharani, & Achala R. Rathnayaka)


Published online 8 July 2024