Fungalpedia – Note 215, Asyregraamspora (Fossil Fungi)


Asyregraamspora Sal.-Cheb. & Locq. 

Citation when using this entry: Saxena RK & Hyde KD. 2024 (in prep). – Fungalpedia, Fossil Fungi. 

Index Fungorum, Facesoffungi, MycoBankGenBank, Fig. 1             

Classification: Fossil Fungi, Incertae sedis

The monotypic fossil genus Asyregraamspora, was described by Salard-Cheboldaeff & Locquin in 1980 from the Early Miocene sediments of the Cameroon, Coast of Equatorial Africa, Gulf of Guinea. Asyregraamspora is characterized by slightly asymmetrical and more or less reticulate amerospores. The particle size was approximately 20 μm × 15 μm. Jansonius & Hills (1981) corrected the spelling of the type species from “Asyreamspora reticulata” (as given in the protologue by Salard-Cheboldaeff & Locquin 1980, p. 185) to Asyregraamspora reticulata (as per spelling of the generic name used by Salard-Cheboldaeff & Locquin 1980, p. 191). Only one species included in Index Fungorum (2024) under this genus. 

Type species: Asyregraamspora reticulata Sal.-Cheb. & Locq.



Figure 1 – Asyregraamspora reticulataScale bar = 8 μm. Redrawn from Salard-Cheboldaeff & Locquin (1980).



Jansonius J, Hills LV. 1981 – Genera file of fossil spores–supplement. Special Publication, Dept. Geology, Univ. Calgary, Canada, 3801–3932. 

Salard-Cheboldaeff M, Locquin MV. 1980 – Champignons présents au Tertiaire le long du littoral de l’Afrique équatoriale. 105e Congrès National des Sociétés savantes, Caen 1980, Sciences, fascicule 1, 183–195.


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