Fungalpedia – Note 289, Achroiostachys


Achroiostachys L. Lombard & Crou

Citation when using this entry: Perera et al. 2024 (in prep) – Fungalpedia, genera described in 2016.

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Classification: Stachybotryaceae, Hypocreales, Hypocreomycetidae, Sordariomycetes, Pezizomycotina, Ascomycota, Fungi

Lombard et al. (2016) erected the hyphomycetous genus Achroiostachys to accommodate a group of stachybotrys-like taxa that distantly related to Stachybotrys in the analysis of cmdA, ITS, rpb2, tef1 and tub2 sequences. Achroiostachys is characterized by macronematous, mononematous conidiophores that occur solitary or in clusters. Conidiophores are erect, 1–3-septate, unbranched or rarely branched, hyaline and thin-walled. The majority of them have smooth walls, though occasionally the base becomes slightly verrucose. Phialidic conidiogenous cells are occurring in apical cluster of 2–6 per conidiophore. Conidiogenous cells are elongate ampulliform to ventricose to subcylindrical, hyaline, smooth- to slightly verrucose-walled, with a somewhat protruding apical opening. Conidia are hyaline, ellipsoidal to limoniform to globose to subglobose, aseptate and smooth-walled with one or two large or several small guttules. Conidia are rounded at both ends, or they have a rounded base with an acute apex. The sexual morph remains undetermined. The genus accommodates seven species (Lombard et al. 2016; Dubey 2021). However, Achroiostachys bambusicola is not a validly published species name. Achroiostachys species were isolated from indoor environments, soil, plant roots and plant debris (Lombard et al. 2016; Dubey 2021). Achroiostachys bambusicola is a saprotroph on leaves of Bambusa (Dubey 2021).

Type species: Achroiostachys humicola L. Lombard & Crous

Other accepted species: Species Fungorum, search Achroiostachys




Figure 1 – Achroiostachys humicola (CBS 868.73, culture ex-type). a Conidiophores and conidiogenous cells. b Conidia. Scale bars: a, b = 10 μm. Redrawn from Lombard et al. (2016)



Dubey R. 2021 – Achroiostachys bambusicola (Stachybotryaceae, Hypocreales) – A novel species of achrois fungus reported from Tansa Wild Life Sanctuary (Western Ghats), Maharashtra, India. Species 22, 318–322.

Lombard L, Houbraken J, Decock C, Samson RA et al. 2016 – Generic hyper-diversity in Stachybotriaceae. Persoonia-Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi. 36(1):156–246.


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Rekhani Hansika Perera, Center of Excellence in Fungal Research, Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai, 57100, Thailand.


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Published online 8 July 2024